Oct – Nov, 2017

A Stellar Start at Pira Lodge 

We began the season with relatively high water levels in both the Corrientes River and the Ibera Marsh headwaters. Ample flows gave us the ability to re-explore many of the channels that had for years been too low to maneuver into.

Little by little, water levels, however, have dropped. And we’re now finding most fish in the main channels and the lagoons. The dorado we’ve so far caught have been identified as resident fish. The migration has been somewhat delayed, but we’re expecting it to ramp up soon—which will mean an influx of fresh fish. Baitfish are currently hustling up the Corrientes River. That means the dorado aren’t far behind.

In the marsh, top-water flies have been working very well, especially mini-poppers and mouse patterns. In the Corrientes, as per usual, the Andino Deceiver continues to kill it. Poppers and divers have also moved some nice fish. But really, any kind of deceiver—in black/yellow or orange/chartreuse—is a good choice. Lighter color combos such as white/yellow and white/green have worked well, too.

What lines? It’s been a matter of floating varieties for the marsh, and floating and sinking lines for the river. Water clarity is crystal right now, so we’re recommending long leaders—between 8 and 10 feet.

-Fabian Anastasio

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