• End of Season 2014

    The 2014 season at Pira Lodge started on the right track, with incredible summer weather and great dorado fishing. As those first days progressed into weeks and then months, temperatures dropped and the fishing changed.

    We caught fewer dorado but we continued to find larger specimens, up to 15+ pounds, using sinking lines and big black flies in the deep waters of Corrientes River.

    Fishing in the marsh, on the other hand, was ok. Guests caught fewer big dorado, but the eats were visual, aggressive, and consistent through the early season.

    During the last month of summer, storms rolled in—unleashing a mix of rain and wind and lightning that made fishing… interesting. Water temperatures dropped several degrees and the fish just closed their mouths. Following the deluge, the river and its myriad channels rose. Large lagoons were created and the fish spread throughout the system, making them increasingly difficult to pinpoint.

    Of course when we found them, good fishing ensued.

    Overall, it was an excellent season with more ups than downs. Clients left with big smiles and rarely empty-handed. In addition to encounters with powerful dorado, the Ibera Marshlands and its lush vegetation and abundant wildlife can have an infectious effect on us all. This awesome place, our great guests and, of course, the world-class dorado fishing make for a truly remarkable experience.

    For now, we say goodbye to the season feeling both content and thankful. And we look forward to fishing with you again next year.





    Tight Lines,

    José Caparrós

    Pirá Lodge Fishing Manager

  • March 2–15, 2014

    March in the Ibera Marshlands in typified by temperatures dropping, rising water levels, and fish becoming less aggressive. But fishing at Pira Lodge has been good through middle of the month, with a number of larger dorado brought to hand by guests.

    For the past two weeks we’ve been targeting deeper water haunts in Corrientes River, using sinking-line techniques. This is not a numbers game. It is, however, an exercise in patience—with the reward being supersize dorado in the 10 to 15 pound+ range.

    Our last group included repeat clients from the Jan Esway party. They knew the drill and all of them caught dorado weighing more than 10 pounds. Last season, exits to the marsh were blocked due to high water. This time around, anglers were able to explore and experience everything this amazing fishery has to offer.

    Currently, we’re tracking a large storm that’s brought wet weather to the marsh. As it passes we’re expecting to see a return to the quality fishing that has made 2014 one of the best in recent memory. We look forward to seeing you soon!


  • Feb 1-15, 2014

    It’s been a month and a half since Pira opened its doors for the season and good fishing has been non-stop since the get-go. Anglers are experiencing action in the marshlands, the Corrientes River, as well as tributary creeks where we’re throwing sliders and poppers with dry lines.

    Despite some stormy weather, clients continue to find dorado EVERYWHERE. Peter Balfor and Chris Keeler, for instance, recently landed 30 in a day. Guides have been scouting the secret haunts of Laguna Sucia on their days off—a place boasting big schools of surface-oriented fish. Wildlife sightings have also been prolific, including caiman, capybara, and the many unique birds of the Ibera.


    Looking ahead, expectations for more fond memories of this unforgettable season remain high. We look forward to seeing you at Pira Lodge soon.



    Feb. 1-12: 188

    Tight Lines,

    José Caparros

    Pira Lodge Fishing Manager


  • Jan 20 – 31, 2014

    Fishing over the course of the last fifteen days remains excellent at Pira Lodge. We’ve experienced a couple of large storms and since they departed it’s been calm and peaceful across the Ibera Marshlands.

    Fishing efforts have been focused on the Corrientes River, using sinking-tip lines in the 250- to 300-grain range. The water is deep here, and we’re casting toward the opposite bank, letting flies sink, and catching larger-than-average dorado on a controlled swing. The marsh has been less productive, but we’re still enticing several surface-oriented dorado using dry lines and lighter rigs in skinny water.

    The John Fisher party of six recently experienced the best fishing to date, landing a whopping 48 dorado! Meantime, our guide staff has been busy exploring new areas that we’re excited to share with returning clients. Hopes remain high for the rest of the season as we anxiously anticipate more happy faces at the end of the day.


    TOTAL DORADOS CAUGHT FROM 18/1- to 31/1: 192

    Tight Lines,

    José Caparros

    Pirá Lodge Fishing Manager

  • Jan 1-19, 2014

    Fishing at Pira has been awesome as of late. Anglers are targeting dorado in the marsh channels with floating lines. You can see the take and the ensuing fight on light tackle is nothing short of spectacular.


    Fly fishing at Pira Lodge continues its streak of excellence. We’ve been using flats skiffs to target dorado populations in the marsh channels. While floating lines and light 5- and 6-weight rods have produced hard-charging fish, chasing streamers high in the water column!

    In the Corrientes River, sinking lines are still the ticket for larger dorado in the 15-pound class. One of the season’s biggest was recently caught and released by Carl  Cristoferson. The next day John Makinnon landed two more fish in fish of double-digit proportions.

    The Ibera Marshlands remain in great fishing shape at this time and we look forward to ushering in our next group avid anglers.

    Tight Lines,

    José Caparros

    Pirá Lodge fishing manager

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