• End of Season 2015

    This season started a bit earlier than others, and when I arrived at the lodge it rained hard for several days. That was my welcome to the marsh—high water and blocked fishing beats due to floating debris. But the fish were there. We just had to find them.


    After the big storms departed, dorado had spread out all over the marsh chasing small sábalos, their favorite food. The guide crew and I began scouting with good results. We found large dorado lurking in the typical spots. It was very encouraging for us to see life in the river!


    Fishing improved despite high-water levels. In the mainstem river we fished sinking lines, like the Leviathan 300 grain. And in shallower sections of the marsh, we used floating lines on 6-weights, casting dry flies with good results.


    The dorado fishing really came into its own by mid-season. Calm, stable weather led to awesome fishing. During that time, Shya and Ariel Kane caught several Corriente River fish weighing up to 15 pounds. Jean and Keith Howman from Scotland also experienced great summer fishing, landing many up to 12 pounds.


    To finish the season, we welcomed Argentine biologist Miguel Casalinuvo, who’s working on a dorado conservation project with Nervous Waters. The guides and I helped by taking measurements and weighing the fish. We’ve also been busy tagging dorado in order to track their movements throughout the system.


    Overall, it’s been a great season. And we’re looking forward to more of the same next year. Can’t wait to see you on the water!





    Jose Caparros

    Pirá Lodge Fishing Manager

  • Feb 1- 20, 2015

    During the last two weeks of February, water has retreated and the marsh is shaping up nicely. While moving from one fishing spot to the next, wildlife abounds—everything from capybara to caiman and birds of various species.


    We’re also finding fish, of course, with good numbers concentrated in the headwaters of the Corrientes River and up and down the “Escondido” channel. One client, Ariel Kane, recently landed a 15-pound dorado, and we’re seeing several in this hard-fighting size-class in those zones.


    Idyllic water conditions have also allowed us to experiment with different angling techniques. We’re finding success, for instance, with mouse patterns on floating lines in the side-channels. In addition, we’ve had fun “swinging” 300-grain sinking lines across the river, similar to sea-trout and salmon fishing.


    Totals for this period included 60 dorado, with 7 weighing between 12 and 15 pounds—which has made for some very happy guests and guides!


    —Jose Caparros, fly-fishing manager, Pira Lodge

  • Beginning of season 2015

    Since the season opened, we’ve had some interesting and exciting fishing at Pira Lodge.

    Beautiful sunny days mixed with torrential storms and strong winds continue to keep us on our toes. The water is clear and currently high, but dropping, and good numbers of fish are spread throughout the system. We’re also catching some BIG fish: a few in the 10 to 13 pound range, as well as many in the sporty 5 to 7 pound class.

    For the moment, sinking lines are highly productive in the mainstem river. Side-channel fishing in the marsh has been a little more technical—although it’s getting easier. I’m happy to report that we are catching dorado with floating lines, including some on drys.

    In closing, we’re optimistic that the good fishing will continue considering the impressive size and numbers of fish we’ve encountered so far this season.



    Pirá Lodge Guide

  • Jan 5-20, 2015

    Since arriving at Pira Lodge mix-bag weather has kept us on our toes. When heavy rains raised the marsh by 3 feet the fish spread out and it was our job to find them. And so we did! The best fishing is still in Corrientes River, throwing large streamers on sinking lines.

    Another productive technique has been “drift casting” from the boat, using floating lines. This gives marauding dorado plenty of opportunity to first spot and then smash the fly.


    The larger dorado we’re catching average about 14 pounds and we’re seeing good numbers in the 10- to 12-pound range. All these fish are in prime condition and have attributed to many happy faces this season.


    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Jose Caparros

    Pira Lodge fishing manager

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