December 2017

After couple weeks on the water, I’m happy to report that the high expectations we had for the season are becoming a reality.

The marsh and the river are still dropping, and the water levels have been ideal for targeting fishy side-channels and productive pools. The annual dorado migration is currently underway, and the whole system is fishing well. The Corriente River is teeming with some nice dorado. As for the Marsh, we’re finding the best action in the main channels and faster riffles.

Lower and clearer conditions in the headwaters have made the fishing more technical in that zone. Longer leaders are a must. Downstream in the river sections, we’ve had the best success banging the banks and prospecting in and around structure. The swung fly, in the large pools and long bends, has also been productive.

As always, Andino Deceivers and other big-game streamers are working well on the river; while smaller flies are where it’s at in the marsh. Orange/black streamers have been the go-to, especially for pickier fish. For the players, topwater mouse and popper patterns, as well as divers and gurglers, continue to evoke positive responses.

In addition to good dorado fishing, the topwater action for pira pita has been on point. We’re also fooling a few Surubi, aka catfish.  Hope to see you on the water soon!

  • Fabian Anastasio

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